The Question of “WHY”

The question of WHY quite often hanging on my head “why, why, and why?” its not all about the problem of mine but other. I saw some people facing some problem and fortunately I can help them and even being always close to them indeed made me happy but I can see how their eyes said “why you? why? you are not even relative of mine? but why?” it left me a heartache. Because I don’t think you are outsider but someone I know and close to me it means you are my relative, would anybody understand?

But, anyway I don’t think I need those feeling. I can help or heals other pains it makes me happier than I can only see them in pain. I need to share my happiness and luckiness for being owned a good baby who always says “I love you, Mommy?” while said so he would kissing me affectionately and my other luckiness to have a good husband who always try to comfort me whenever I am down with only hug me tightly as its said that its more than anything called love in this world.

I wish I could everyone best friend in this beautiful world.

Anyway, I have below information if anyone interest to join us on helping others. Please do share this information to everyone 🙂


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